Vision & Mission

To be one of the pioneer learners –centric quality education institution with commitment to excellence, enlarge intellectual horizon, emotional responsibilities, aesthetic sensibilities, sustainable education, and skill up- gradation by using innovative technologies and methodologies, generating globally competitive teachers with morality and social values.

  1. To march  towards  the  goal of an excellence ,enhancement  and enrichment of  the  education  as  well  as society.
  2.  To  offer  educational   programme  catering  the  current  and  future  needs  of  society.
  3.  To   achieve   planned and coordinated development of the student –teacher.
  4. To inculcate a value system among students.
  5. To   increase   the efficiency   transparency and accountability in the interest of the Student –teacher and the community.
  6.  To promote   the   concept of, ‘education   for sustainability’ in student-teacher.
  7. To make  the student - teacher  globally  competitive and   nationally relevant  through  our competent  faculty  teachers  ,innovative  methodologies  and technological  support.
  8. To promote distance education programme. 
  9. To stimulate the academic  environment for promotion of quality teaching – learning process.
  10.  To connect   student – teacher to the world of knowledge.


  1. Coordination
  2. Discipline
  3. Accessibility
  4. Acceptance
  5. Accuracy
  6. Achievement
  7. Accountability


  1. Character   formation   is  the  first  and  foremost  objective .
  2. To  produce  good  quality  teachers  as teacher  are  backbone  of a  nation.
  3. To imbibe  our  teacher  with  high  degree  of  self  -  realisation  knowledge  and  essential qualities  of  spiritualism.
  4. To  improve  teaching  quality  notably  through  the  introduction  of  teaching  learning   Process.
  5. To develop  ideal  teacher  qualities  in  student  teachers.
  6. To inculcate  good  qualities  amongst  the  student  teacher  for  all round  development  of their  personality  through  implementation  of  curriculum  successfully.
  7. To  meet   the  emerging  needs  of  information  era .
  8. To  make  students  Netizens  in  order  to  enhance  their  self  learning  and  develop  their  capabilities.
  9. To  stimulate  the  academic  environment  for  promotion  of  teaching quality.   
  10. Connect  learner  to  the  world  of  knowledge.